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Rion Hatsumi - Let's Do It At School! (Censored)

Even though hundreds of porno actresses come to and left the industry every year, Rion Hatsumi is still in the memory of lots of JAV (Japanese adult video) fans, in spite of her short career. She was around only for four months and left only five videos.

Rion Hatsumi

Rion Hatsumi made her debut with a phrase "the most beautiful porno actress in the history". Because she left the industry before people get bored, many guys still list her within top five beautiful porno babe. As thousands of videos are released every year, her videos may not be available anywhere in the world maybe before long. I don't know.

Rion Hatsumi02

For her cute looking, her play was harder than many expected (don't compare with real hardcore movies in the US!). This is the first video of her, but the video contains one normal session and two gangbang sessions. Compare with Rola Takizawa's debut with two soft sessions.

Rion Hatsumi06

Her role in the video is a "school" girl (I hear some of you say "Wow!"). My favorite scene is when she licks a guy's ass hole, giving a hand job in the first session. She put her face on his ass to lick it, saying "my tongue was in your hole". It's amazing to see this cutie lick guy's dirty ass very carefully. For me, this scene itself is worth the money.
All the sessions are finished with coming sperm on her face. And in the last session, you can see her white love juice flowing down on her ass. That's sooooo exciting.

Rion Hatsumi07

As long as I've searched, JAVMODEL is the only English site which deals her video, and this video is the only one available. Please click here to check it out. Please note that the video is NOT free, like all the other movies introduced in this blog.

Enjoy it!
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