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Risa Tachibana - Real Twenty Girl with Big Boobs and Ass (Censored)

Her name is Risa Tachibana, who made her debut in early 2013 and left the industry 6 later. In the first video of her, she told that she had had a sex with only one guy before in her life. This is the second video of such innocent girl.


Firstly, you might be shocked on her extremely hairy bush. No idea why she didn't take care of it. It actually looks like a black carpet between legs. I'm not a big fan of hairy girls like most men, but that won't be the reason I dislike her videos. I mean her way to look, her big natural boobs, and big ass overwhelms her black bush.

If you love young Japanese girls - she is really young, you shouldn't miss this video. When her first video was released in January 2013, it was said that she would be the best porn performer in 2013. The content of the video is not hardcored, but I bet you can enjoy to see this innocent girl fucked, licked and got vibrators on her pussy.

This video is available from AllJapanesePass. Unfortunately it's mosaic'd, but maybe that's good because the mosaic also hides her public hair as well!

"Superb Japanese Teen Gets Nailed By Horny Hunk" Risa Tachibana (AllJapanesePass)
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