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Yuna Shiina - A Hot Housemaid Cleans Men's Entire Body

This is the second video of Yuna Shiina in this blog. Please check my previous post about her.
This video is a video with a (funny) story of a student who lives alone and has never had a sex in his life. His mother asked a company to send a housemaid to help him so that he can concentrate his study...


What a hot housemaid!
The agency which sent her has a rule that all the housemaid need to work in naked to prove security (if you are in naked it'll be difficult to steal things). Then she cleans up his room, wash clothes, and cook meal for him in naked. And she washes his body in the bath as well. She starts to washes his body by her tits...

As you can see in the pics, she has a perfect body. This video contains only two sessions of sex, but the quality is the best. It's not very hardcored, but I bet you'll get horny.

This video is available from AllJapanesePass (you need to be a member). Please check the link below. You can see some screenshots.

Click here to check Yuna Shiina's video in AllJapanesePass

In the page above, AllJapanesePass explains that this is a milf video, but this is not a milf video or she is definitely not a milf type of porn actress. I guess the person who wrote that in AllJapanesePass doesn't know Japanese.


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