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Overview of the Japanese Porno

It should time to write about the overview of Japanese Porno Videos for those not familar with it. As I'm not from the industry, I can write only from user's perspective.

If you've seen my posts in this blog, you may have realized that there are two types of videos - censored and uncensored. You can say with/without mosaic or pixelated and not pixelated. It's illegal to show penis and pussy in the films whether it's porno or normal movie. The law forces film makers to pixelate those parts. It's legal to see or to have uncensored films in your home, but illegal to distribute or sell or show them in public. This blog is hosted by a server in the US, however as it's written in Japan (I live in Japan) I can't post here the uncensored images with penises or pussies, but it's OK to have direct links to those images or videos. So what's the point of the law?

In 80's and early 90's, the uncensored videos were totally from underground. They were performed by nameless actresses and released underground labels. The only way you could get them was to buy illegal shops. Sometimes uncensored videos which were made to be pixelated went into the market. For such reasons, uncensored videos were always supposed to be less quality in actresses' feature and picture.

Thanks to the growth of the internet, in 2000's lots of porno sites mostly in the US started to distribute the uncensored Japanese videos to Japanese users. The uncensored videos are not underground anymore, and high-level actresses such as Maria Ozawa or Anri Suzuki started to play in uncensored videos.

Even though the quality of uncensored videos are so much higher than in 90's, there look to be significant gap between the censored and the uncensored. Most of top-level actresses never play in uncensored films. And the contents of most censored videos are made better than uncensored ones. The censored video always have concept on each - costume, stories, or situation, while most uncensored ones are like sex, blowjob, masturbating, gangbang and finished. So if you get bored with knee-jerk uncensored videos, you may enjoy censored ones.

As I've looked over the internet, there aren't so many English sites which deal the censored videos. I know you don't like pixcelation, but you can still enjoy those videos of well-shaped good looking babes. So this blog shows both censored and uncensored videos (but only good-quality ones). All the videos introduced in my blog are available in English sites.

The famous Japanese uncensored video sites are Caribbean.com(カリビアンコム) and 1pondo(一本道). But these sites don't deal the censored videos. If you are looking for censored videos, you can find excellent videos in Idols69 and JAVMODEL. Both Idols69 and JAVMODEL deal uncensored videos, and they offer good pricing.

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