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Tsukushi - Young Cute & Submissive Girl Sips Even the Last Drop of Semen

This cute girl's name is "Tsukushi". She is what is called as "my little sister" type of girl. Actually her roll in this video is a sister of the guy, and she loves his brother too much, and asked his girl friend to split up with him. Then somehow they started lesbian play. After he broke up with the girl friend, Tsukushi asked him to have sex with her to comfort him. She eased him until she sipped the last drop of his semen. What a crazy story.

Tsukushi's data
Birthday1 July, 1989
Height153cm (5'0")
Meaurements88-58-86 cm  (34-22-33 in)
HometownTokyo (Japan)

The reason why I recommend this crazy story video is because she has so attractive ass. That is pretty big for her figure. When she is on top of the guy, you can see the dangerous curve on her ass. Additionally, his penis getting wet as it goes in and out her pussy.

Even though the story may look sick for some of you, the role as "little sister" fits her way to look and talk. And she plays well (much much better than most of Japanese porn actresses).

She looks innocent, but she does anything to comfort the guy. It's always exciting to see such a pure girl do "Gokkun" (drink guy's sperm).

This video is available in Caribbean.com. You can enjoy it in streaming format, or download the entire video. The quality of the picture is extremely good. I bet.
Click here to check Tsukushi's video in Caribbean.com (in English)

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