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Reira Aisaki - This Lady is So Sexy in KIMONO (Uncensored)

Look at the picture. Beautiful, isn't she? Her name is Reira Aisaki (aka Chihiro Hara). She is known for its hardcored play for her way to look. When she was called Chihiro Hara, she accepted to get enema, BUKKAKE, and even to show elimination. Chihiro Hara retired in 2008, but she came back in 2011 as Reira Aisaki. This video is her first uncensored video after she came back.


Reira Aisaki's data
Birthday25 May, 1984
Height168cm (5'6")
Meaurements85-59-88 cm  (33-23-34 in)
HometownTokyo (Japan)

In the video she has sex in KIMONO (Japanese traditional garment for women). The location is in a traditional Japanese inn with hot spring. Her role is the manager of the inn. As you can imagine, she is extremely sexy when she gets her KIMONO opened and shows her white ass.

The video contains one session of sex and one of BUKKAKE. The play itself is not as hard as she used to perform, but she is more sexually attractive than most of young pornstars. You can enjoy the beauty of Japanese woman in this video.

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You can see a short sample of this video(click here). Please note the sample is mosaic'd because of the regulation in Japan, but the whole video is actually no mosaic.
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