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Nozomi Asou - A Elite-Looking Girl Can't Stop Getting Horny

This is a free video of Nozomi Asou. Nozomi Asou debuted last year as a promising porn actress. She differentiates herself by her smart looking and E cup boobs on 170 cm tall body. I have her debut video. There she looked very nervous being naked before camera, and her play looked awkward. Now she can play more naturally and passionately.


Nozomi Asou's data
Birthday20 Dec, 1988
Height170cm (5'6")
Meaurements88-58-89 cm  (34-22-35 in)
HometownTokyo (Japan)

She is a popular pornstar now, this free video could violate the copy right of the original video. Thus this could be deleted shortly. If you want to watch the video of this beautiful girl, just play the video below.

There aren't many English sites which offer her videos. ITTELE is one of them, but still it provides only 5 videos. If you can read Japanese DMM.com offers a number of her videos.

Click here to check Nozomi's videos in ITTLE (English)
Click here to check this video in DMM (Japanese)

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