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Hitomi Oki - She is an Escort Girl Who Gives Her Special Service (Uncensored)

The popular pornstar Hitomi Oki works as an escort girl and gives fantastic job to her customer. She seems a bit more matured sexually (in good way) than her video I wrote about before (click here to refer that post). As an escort girl, she gives very detailed services to the guy.


This is a quite simple 1 hr video. She has one session with a guy, and in the second session another guy runs some sex toys on her. Pretty simple.

The highlight of this video is when she got penetration in the fist session. You can see her pussy kind of dry first, but as his dick gets in and out, she is getting wet and finally shows white love juice like milk. Unfortunately as the camera doesn't focus well on it, it's short time you can see that milky juice, but it's still exciting scene.

Even though they are not big, she has well-formed tits and very silky clean ass. If you like to see innocent looking girls like her got dirty by guys and toys, you'll love this video.

This video is available in 1pondo. You can download an free sample which is in not good quality. If you join the member (you need to pay for), you can enjoy perfect quality video of her.
Click here to check this video in 1pondo (English)

For more detailed about Hitomi Oki, please check my previous post about her.

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