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Yui Hatano - This Girl Picked up on The Street Has Sexy Body

Free video of Yui Hatano!!!She was asked for an interview by a TV crew for a program "Find gorgeous body girls!" when she was hanging out on the street, and took to a hotel for the interview. The guy uncovered her body gradually as the interview went, and started to ask "sexy questions" and touch her body...


This is a 42 minute free mosaic'd video of Yui Hatano from FC2. As you see or maybe as you know, she has a killingly beautiful body. Round boobs on a slim body makes one of the most attractive figure in the current JAV industry.

It's always good to see this beauty get fucked and the boobs jumping on her body, but her play looks monotonous like other videos of her. She moans in the same tone from the start to finish. I'm looking for her video where she plays more passionately. Any recommendation?

Her videos without mosaic are available in most porn sites. I put the links of her video in ITTELE and Caribbean.com here. Please visit those sites if you are interested.
Yui Hatano in ITTLELE
Yui Hatano in Caribbean.com

The full version of this video is available in DMM. It's only JPY 300 for the streaming.
Yui Hatano in DMM

Also check my previous posts about her videos.

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