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Shinobu Kasagi - Soapland Experience (Uncensored)

If you've been a great fan of JAV, you may have heard of her. Shinobu Kasagi used be one of the most popular pornstar in the "lolita category" in early 2000's. She left the industry in 2009 after performed in hundreds of videos, but came back two years later. That was a great surprising news in the industry.


Shinobu Kasagi's data
Birthday28 July, 1980
Height165cm (5'4")
Meaurements85-62-88 cm  (33-24-34 in)
HometownSaitama (Japan)

I didn't like her when she was being promoted as a lolita porn actress, but now she has become a sexy matured woman. And it's great to see such girl without mosaic. By the way, she is 33 years old this year according to her profile. That means she is older than Rei Kitajima. That's not definitely true.

In this video, she acts as a escort girl and delivered to a young guy. This guy requested her to play like in SOAPLAND (Japanese brothel where girls wash and take bath with guys, and finally have sex). Actually if you watch the video you'll find what SOAPLAND is like.

This video has only one session, but her performance is so good. And she is pretty, her small tits are beautiful and her white skin looks silky. You'll be excited to see her licking every corner of the guy's body.

Actually she is a pornstar you can meet. She is working in a bar in Tokyo, where they take charge to take a seat, and girls stay next to you. You can only talk with them (no kiss, no suck, or no sex). There are soooo many bars like this. Of course, the charge is not as expensive as SOAPLAND. Anyway, if you want, you can have beer with her.

This video is available in 1 pondo.tv and Ittele. You can download a short free sample from 1pondo.tv, but Ittele offers better price. Click the link below to check each site.
Click here to visit Shinobu Kasagi's video page in 1pondo.tv. (English)
Click here to visit Shinobu Kasagi's video page in Ittele (English)
Click here to visit Shinobu Kasagi's video page in Ittele (Korean)

Caribbean.com Premium provides longer version of this video. You can download this video at US$32. There you can download a free sample or you can see screenshots. The last two screenshots below are from only this longer version.
Click here to visit Shinobu Kasagi's video page in Caribbean.com Premium (English)

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