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Rei Kitajima - A Busty MILF Room Clerk Teases Her Gest

This is a video of a busy MILF. This sultry lady works as a room clerk in a hotel. She become horny when she was cleaning a room, and start masturbation. Just before she came to orgasm, the guest came back to the room. She asked him not tell what he saw to anyone...


If you don't get attracted by MILF or matured women, it should be better to skip this post.This porn actress, called Rei Kitajima is profiled as 30 years old, but she looks too matured for 30. I guess she could be around 35 or even more.

Rei Kitajima's data
Birthday18 Dec, 1982
Height165cm (5'4")
Meaurements96-60-89 cm  (37-23-35 in)
HometownTokyo (Japan)

However old she is, she really feels like a horny lady. The way she speaks or moans is something young girls can never act. I like her when she says "this is really tasty", sucking the guy's cock. Her big boobs are jumping when she is fucked on top position. That's quite a sight. The negative side is that she is very hairy and fat on her stomach like most other MILF type of pornstars.

The contents of the video is quite simple. She masturbates and has one session of sex with the guest. I guarantee the quality of the picture.

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