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Ran Asakawa - Japanese Av Idol Ran Asakawa Toys Fun In A Van (Uncensored)

Although she left the field years ago, Ran Asakawa(朝河蘭) is still top-ranked in my favorite porno star list. Shining black hair, dark black eyes, well shaped tits on the slender body... all these make this truly Asian smoking hot girl.

Started her career in 2001. The emergence of Ran Asakawa was sensational among porno fans in Japan. As mentioned in the article "Yui Hatano - If My GF Was Yui Hatano...(Uncensored)", it was unusual to see not-ugly girls in the uncensored porno videos back then in Japan. But after Ran came out, many hot babes followed her and have come to the uncensored field.

Ran Asakawa01

Ran is still known for some facts - applying for Guinness recognition as the porno actress who acted in most porno videos in a year, which is 212 titles in 2002 or opening up a new category in Japanese porno scene - which is called 痴女(Chijo - nympho).

As it's been 10 years since she left the business, many of her videos are not available on the internet whether censored or uncensored. I still have some of them in my PC, and I couldn't find most of them even after searching on the Net for hours. As time goes, the ones currently available will disappear sooner or later.

Ran Asakawa04

You can find three sessions of her plays in Idols69.com. Please click the each link below for each movie.
Japanese Av Idol Ran Asakawa Toys Fun In A Van
Ran Asakawa doing it doggy style and sucking cock while talking on the phone
Av Idol Ran Asakawa Sauna Hardcore Action Asian Slut Likes It Hot And Steamy

One is that she got a dildo in her pussy in a van, which is in the middle of downtown Tokyo (Shinjuku, could be the busiest street in the world!). The windows is opened so that people on the street can see her face moaning.

Ran Asakawa02

Idols69 offers two other short movies of her. One is she gets fucked by a big afro guy while having a call in a telephone dating club. Another one is having a sex in a hot spring. Honestly, I don't think these are as good as her best works such as Asian Hot. But as those are not available anymore, you have no other choices.

Ran Asakawa03

Those in Idols69.com are still good, because she is HOT!!!

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