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Aino Kishi - Fuck within 4 seconds of a meeting (Censored)

This is a series video called "Fuck within ...seconds of a meeting"(the official translated title could be different). The concept of the series is the porn actresses get penetrated within some seconds after they meet guys, and the girls are not told about the concept beforehand.

The girls know that they are going to shoot porn videos (they are in studio), but they don't know the concept and get fucked before they get ready. So that you can enjoy to seeing how those girls, who were confused or surprised first, apply themselves for fucking.


The actress I'm introducing today is Aino Kishi. I'm guessing some or most of you already know about her, as she's been one of the most popular & famous pornstars in Japan.

Aino Kishi started her career as a "Gravure Idol"(a Japanese English word, which means bikini model for teenagers) in 2007, and converted to be a pron actress in February 2008. That was surprisingly announced on tabloid newspapers. She's been performing for more than 5 years, which is exceptionally long for porn actress. Her young sister (real sister!) is also bikini-modeling.

Aino Kishi's data
Birthday1 Feb, 1988
Height157cm (5'1")
Meaurements87C-57-83 cm  (34-22-32 in)
HometownHokkaido (Japan)

This video starts with an interview. When she was having the interview, a naked guy was sneaking to her from behind. He suddenly came next to her and took her panties to put his dick in her. First she got surprised saying "what's this? what's going on!", but as the guys goes in-out, she started to moan...

There are other three sessions. The last one is, in contradiction to the first one, she came in a room where a porn actor is waiting for his cue. He didn't know who he was planned to perform with. Aino said she came for greeting, but started to suck his dick and asked him "why don't you have fuck now?", while he is saying "This is no good! We shouldn't do this!" She asked him to close his eyes in the middle of the session, when he opened his eyes, he found other staff filming them.

Maybe you don't understand the conversation, but you can still enjoy how surprised and stumped he got. He looks to be a good-hearted guy. I like this better than videos with story.

This video is available in ITTELE and DMM. Please try the links below for more details in each site.
Visit Aino Kishi's page in ITTELE (English)
Visit Aino Kishi's page in ITTELE (Korean)
Visit Aino Kishi's page in DMM (Japanese)

FC2 provides a free sample of this, but it's only for three minutes and bad quality in the picture.
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