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Hikaru Shiina - A Short Hair Girl with Perfect Tits (Uncensored)

Look at her tits! What a beautiful and pink nipples!!! This girl, Hikaru Shiina is one of very few pornstars who look better in videos than in photos (Never mind if you feel she is hot even in the photos). And she is so sweet and cute in her short hair.


Hikaru Shiina made her debut in 2010 as a pornstar who looks like Mariko Shinoda, one of AKB (the most popular girls pop-group) members. To be honest, I didn't know who in AKB she is saying she looks like. She started her career in a major adult video label (means censored videos only). In most cases that video productions promote porno actresses as "looking like celebrities", they just make fans disappointed, and those actresses don't last long in the industry. But Hikaru Shiina herself is good looking, and with the help of her pink nipples and well-formed tits, she became popular quickly. And released the first no-mosaic'd video last year. She is still in the industry, and on the same time belongs to an escort agency in Tokyo. It costs JPY 30,000 for 60 minutes, but no penetration. I'm thinking of booking her.

Hikaru Shiina's data
Birthday6 Dec, 1991
Height160cm (5'2")
Meaurements81E-59-84 cm  (31-23-33 in)
HometownMiyagi (Japan)

Her figure is remarkable. She only has 81 cm (31 inc) bust in the measurement, but visually the boobs are with good volume. In the video they play in a variety of positions, and the camera angle is nice. They change focuses from tits to anal, pussy and her face. I would be more excited if they kissed more. In the end the guy came in her pussy, and she cleans up his dirty stick by mouth. She seems like a good girl.

This video is available in Heyzo. The original title of it is "Sex with a Busty Slender Beauty".
They have a good-quality sample of this video. Don't worry Heyzo has English pages. Click the link below to check Heyzo. If you don't think she is pretty in the photo in Heyzo, check the video in FC2. She looks totally different in good way.
Check Hikaru Shiina's video in Heyzo

Also, you can see the free version of this video in FC2. It's good quality for free videos. Click the below cartoon to visit the video in FC2.
Hikaru Shiina - A Short Hair Girl with Perfect Tits (Uncensored)
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