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Rola Misaki (Takizawa) - Rola Vamping Young Guys (Censored)

The second post about Rola Misaki's video. Please refer to the first one if you haven't read it.

If I'm asked, I would pick up Rola as the best looking pornstar in Japan (that sometimes doesn't mean most attractive or sexiest). She is a half-Russian and half-Japanese girl, born in Tokyo. Since the emergence of Maria Ozawa or Rio, Japanese Porn scene has been in the "half-Japanese" vogue. Today being half-Japanese is a free ticket to be top-ranked pornstar.


Rola Misaki's data
BirthdayJune, 1992
Height172cm (5'8")
Meaurements83-58-84 cm  (32-22-33 in)
HometownTokyo (Japan)

Compared with her debut work, which was likely for promotion purpose, in this video she performs as a real porno actress. She seems truly horny when she teases guys, kissing them or touching their pants. The camera angle is much better than the first one.

As you may have seen or I've repeatedly saying here, uncensored videos mostly don't have stories or plots. You can enjoy those videos no matter how much Japanese you understand or not. Censored videos focus more on scenario or situation or background why the girl sucks guys or why they fuck. It's not necessary, but if you understand Japanese that will help you enjoy those videos a bit more.

This video is a good example. If you understand Japanese even a little, you can enjoy the video more. When she sucks the first guy's penis, she says "Don't come yet, please" or "can't wait. I'll put this in me." These are said in millions videos, but sound different from this beautiful lady (main reason is I like her voice!).


The content of the video
Normal sex on the sofa ending up with facial (cum on the face) and she cleans up the penis, hand job by Rola with glasses (teacher situation), blow job in the bathtub (facial again), blow job to a guy living in the next door (finish with facial), threesome (facial again, seems like she doesn't accept cumshot in the mouth)

There are some negative parts about her. One is that she is hairy, and the second one is that she always moans in the same tone. Lastly I see white liquid around her pussy in the first session, but I doubt it's real. As this video is the second work of her and I haven't seen her recent videos, she may be more "skilled" or care more about her bush. At least, in the recent photos she looks more adult-featured and attractive than last year.

The video is available in ITTELE. It's not free, but possibly be the cheapest way to download her videos legally.
Check Rola Misaki's video in ITTELE (English).
Or in Korean page.

For those who can read Japanese, you can check her videos in DMM. DMM provides more videos of her. They sell the streaming of this video at JPY 500 (US$ 5). That's good pricing!
Please check DMM here.

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