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Akane Matsushita - Young Innocent Girl? No, She Is A Hot MILF (Censored)

I believe most of you've never heard of this girl, Akane Matsushita. She made a contract to perform in only one adult video, and did so late last year. So this is the first and the last work of her.


Akane Matsushita's data
Birthday20 June, 1989
Height157cm (5'1")
Meaurements88E-59-87 cm  (34-23-34 in)
Debut2012 (retired)
HometownFukuoka (Japan)

Contents of The Video
Cumshot, normal sex and cum on face, normal sex, sex toys, threesome and cumshot

The package of the video shows a young and innocent girl. I guess that's the impression most people get from the picture. Even in the short sample video below, she looks so. But if you see the whole video, you'll see she is not as young as in the picture (still she should be late 20's). And her body, especially her stomach, tells that she has borne kids.

So if you expect a video that a young girl fucked by guys dirtily or something, you may be disappointed. But if you like MILF videos, this is a must see. She has a excellent figure with beautifully formed boobs, which are natural. It's also good that she looks sexually matured, but not used to being before cameras.

She seems like a girl who gets wet a lot. When one of the guys ran his finger inside her, her pussy made his fingers sticky with her love juice. That makes me excited. She dropped the juice again when she got a thick dildo in her pussy.

Debut works of most pornstars are normally safe and innocuous, and they take a marketing strategy of playing harder performance gradually to capture users' expectations. But as this is the last one, her performance is pretty hard enough. While most MILF type of pornstars are over 30 or even 40, she is one of a few good looking young MILF. That's a good reason to see this video.

This video is available in ITTELE and DMM. If you can't read Japanese (I know most of you can't), ITTELE is only one choice. Please check the link below to visit her page in ITTELE.
Check Akane Matsushita's video in ITTEL

Check screenshots in DMM

The below is a free sample from DMM. Only for 30 seconds and the quality of the picture is not good.
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