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Rena Ayaki - No Mosaic Debut Vol.6

As in the title, this is the first uncensored video of Rena Ayaki. Actually I couldn't find any censored videos of her. I can't find her profile either. There is no wikipedia page of her.

Rena Ayaki is a 20 year old girl with beautiful nipples and tits. In the interview of the video, she says that she likes her nipples. She says she is 20 years old, but I'm pretty confident that she is more than 25. That's fine. Every porngirl lies about their age. And 20 year old girl can't be that sexy.


Rena Ayaki's data
Height159cm (5'2")
Meaurements86E-59-88 cm  (33-23-34 in)


Contents of the video
Interview (which is boring as always), masturbation, toy, blowjob to cumshot in the mouth and cleaning up by lips, normal sex (you can see white love juice slightly), creampie (cum inside her)

In the interview, she says she masturbates 6 days a week, and starts masturbating. She sounds a bit manly when she talks, but sexy when she moans. Which is pretty sexy. The boobs look so beautiful and natural. Her skin looks silky and white. However if you see this video you'll find bruises on her ass and inner thigh, which are too real. They look like scars of fat sucking surgery. If you don't care about those scars, you will say she has very clean and well-shaped body.

This video is available in Caribbean.com English, but no free sample. I don't see it in other English sites. Please click the below link to Caribbean.com if you are interested.
Check Rena Ayaki's video in Caribbean.com English

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