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Sora Aoi - Sora is the Young Married Lady Next Door (Censored)

Along with Maria Ozawa, Sora Aoi is the most popular Japanese porno star outside Japan. She's got exposure in the media more than any other porno babes. Because of her activities as a TV personality, she doesn't release as many videos as before. But she's been around in the porno filed for more than 11 years. Which is extremely long, while most babes stay only for one or few years.

Sora Aoi02

To be honest, Sora is not my type. I prefer babes looking more adults. Maybe simply her way to look is not my type. Nevertheless, I do understand why she has become a top-ranked star. Cute bay-face with a small build and big tits for her innocent look. Always acting like a girl next door, but never like celebrities.

Sora Aoi01

Even though I prefer some other babes like Yui Hatano, I still enjoy her videos. Her baby face and big and well-figured tits make a good combination. It's always good to see such girl getting fucked and showing ass hole (she has never had anal sex in her videos, though).

This movie is based on a situation that Sora is a house wife, and a guy next door always listen in over the wall or dreams about Sora. It's funny that this guy next door got only hand job in the video, but no sex. The video contains masturbation and a sex on the sofa and a making love session in the kitchen with her husband.

This video was released in 2008. So it should be when she was 24. She still looks like a teenager there, but on the way to be adult. If you like what Sora was in her career (she was like 15), you should pick up earlier ones. I'd prefer Sora like in this video.

Sora Aoi03

Anyway don't get disappointed because the video has only one sex session. The session is good!
You can find this video in Idol69.com (click here). As this is not direct link to this video, you need to search for "Sora Aoi" in the field of the top. Then move to page 5. You can see the same picture used in this blog (in the bottom and the second picture from the left - 30:25).


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