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Rina Shinjou - A Masterpiece of Housewife Video from Early 2000

This is an old porn video. I guess it's produced in early 2000's. Her name is Rina Shinjou. She was not very famous or didn't leave many videos, but some people still name her as the best housewife-type pornstar.


It's hard to find her videos anywhere. The one below from RedTube is one of the few I found on the internet. This is the best one of her videos, and I used to see this a lot before. The quality of the picture is bad, but you have no choice. I don't think you can find the full version or better quality version in even onsite shops.

I wanted to embed the video here, but as it's not mosaic'd I can't do it (that's illegal in Japan). So please click the banner below, and then you'll jump to the video in RedTube.

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