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What A Squirting! A Super Horny MILF, Akari Asagiri (Uncensored)

If you like young and cute Japanese girls, it might be better to skip this post. Because she has not made public her age, I don't know how old she is. But she looks at least over 30, or likely over 35.

Her name is Akari Asagiri. She is famous for often playing a very dirty and horny girl, as she looks. This video is a typical type of her video - she cums her white love juice, squirts, licks guy's ass hole, and sucks guys' penises as if she would do forever. If you like dirty girls or MILFs, this video is a must see.


Akari Asagiri's data
Height164cm (5'4")
Meaurements88E-58-85 cm  (34-22-33 in)


Basically I skip women's masturbating in the videos, but I can't skip her masturbation in this video every time I watch this. It's so exciting. First you see white liquid come from her pussy, and then suddenly she squirts. It flushes like she can't control it.

When she has sex with a guy after the masturbation, she sucks the guy's tongue, balls, penis and ASS HOLE, like she tastes the hole.

The quality of the picture is good. She has well-saved bush. And she keeps a good figure for her age (I don't know how old she is exactly, though).

Free sample of the video is available in FC2, however which is very short. Please click the link below.
Free sample in FC2

If you want to see the full version of the video, it's available in HEYZO English (but not free). Please click the link below. You can see some screenshots there.
Heyzo.com English


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