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Sana Anju - No-mosaic'd Video of a Cute Young Teen Girl (Uncensored)

A uncensored fee video of a lolita-looking girl. Even though she looks like low-teen, she has well grown boobs on her petite 150cm body.


Her name is Sana Anju. It looks like she has faded out of the industry. She is known as a pornstar who disclosed its income as a pornstar. Last year she tweeted she gained JPY 18 million, which is around US$ 180K, for about three years. JPY 18 mil is a big money, but sounds extremely too low for the fact that her porno videos will be around the internet almost forever.

Sena Anju's data
Birthday14 Jan, 1989
Height150cm (4'11")
Meaurements86E-56-83 cm  (33-22-32 in)
HometownNiigata (Japan)

You can see the video for free. Since it's not mosaic'd, I can't attach the video here (it's illegal). So please click the picture below to go to FC2. She is good, but I'd say her way to moan is a little boring for me. But I'm still enjoying the mismatch between her well-equipped boobs and her lolita-like looking and petite body.

AdultVideo : 【無】人気 美少女ロリータ

I couldn't find the full version of this video. Instead, some other uncensored videos are available from 1 pondo. Please click the link below for more details.
1pond.tv English
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