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Yayoi Yanagida - MILF Anal Fuck Curiosity (Uncensored)

For those who don't know what the title means...MILF is "mother I'd like to fuck". Which mean sexy matured women you want to penetrate. If you are a big fan of MILF, Japan is the place you should move to. Book your air ticket and visit Tokyo. You'll see beautiful women with their kids on every corner. You'll have no idea how old they are. Actually, me neither.

Yayoi Yanagida01

If you can't afford time or $$$, watch Yayoi Yanagida's video. She WAS listed on the top of MILF porn in Japan. Yes, sadly she announced her sudden retire on her blog in April 2013.

If your concern when you chose a babe is only how well they look, you may prefer Yui Hatano to Yayoi. But only how to look in face doesn't make a good woman, or you get aroused not only by the appearance of women.

She is a well-wetting type of girl. I always have a fetish for pussy juice, and the first session of this video is just perfect. The first session of the video starts with fingering on her pussy by the actor. She is in her sheer lingerie, which works on her as if designed for her.

Yayoi Yanagida05

As the guy runs his fingers on her tits and pussy, her pussy goes wet. You can see a white stain on her black panties, when he is taking them off. I would lick it off!! As his fingers goes side to side or up and down on her clit, a stream of her white juice comes up from her hole. The juice keeps coming even after she got the man's penis in her. You can see the white clinging on his cock.

Yayoi Yanagida06

Another good thing about her is the way she moans. It's not something businesslike or not like just shouting "good! good! I'm coming! I'm coming!". She sounds very real and really enjoying getting fucked and spanked on the ass.

This video is available both in Ippondo and Caribbean.com.

The quality of the picture is high, and the angles are also good. However please note this video does NOT CONTAIN ANAL SEX. The title is fake. Also note that this video has two parts, and it seems like only the first one is currently available. Don't worry the first one contains the session I wrote about above (and nothing else,though). That session makes this video worth the money, and it's in the top places of my favorite sessions among Japanese porno videos. I have the later part where she gets dildos in her ass, but no penis. Which is not worth trying to find in the internet.

Yayoi Yanagida07

The pictures on this blog are censored, because uncensored pictures of pussies and penises are illegal in Japan - I write this blog from Japan. But this video is totally uncensored. Don't worry. Hope you enjoy.


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