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Misuzu Tachibana - A Beautiful Girl to Help Cherry Boys for "graduation" (Censored)

I want to introduce a good free video. Her name is Misuzu Tachibana. I just encountered this video, and hadn't heard of her name until then.

I need to say she is "slightly" more beautiful in the video package than in the video. In other words, she looks more natural in the video. The image in DMM site below looks too unnaturally.


Misuzu Tachibana's data
Birthday15 May, 1988
Height161cm (5'3")
Meaurements88D-56-85 cm  (34-22-33 in)
HometownIwate (Japan)

The senario of the video is that she visits guys homes who have never had sex in their lives, and let them "graduate" being cherry by having sex with her. She teases and leads the guys all the time, enjoying seeing guys getting nervous before this beautiful naked woman. So this is a video which tells what all boys in the world dream about sex.

You can see some part of the video for free (27 minutes). Please play the video below.

If you want to see the full version in much better quality in picture, you can buy and download it. This video is available in JAVMODEL and DMM.

Click here for a free sample in JAVMODEL

Click here for a free sample in DMM

Not this video, but other videos of her are avaialble here as well. Unfortunately all her videos are mosaic'd.

I saw reviews of this video in DMM, and most of them say that she is fatter than before. IS SHE FAT? Users in Japan always compalin about everything.

Hope you enjoy.
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