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Nami Hoshino - Sorry for being too horney... (Censored)

The second post of my favorite girl, Nami Hoshino. Her charm is its natural round boobs and beautiful face. The video I want to introduce is with mosaic. She's never played in uncensored videos. But I would say this is a "must see" one. It's hard to find a porno girl in the uncensored field who has better looking + more attractive body than her.

Nami Hoshino09

Please refer to my first post about her for more details about herself. In the first post, I introduced her first video which was released one year ago. As in most cases first videos are very soft, for those who saw the first one, you can see how much she has got used to having sex before camera.

This video has no story. She's kissing, licking and having sex for all the time, except for the boring interview in the beginning (but she is CUTE!!! when she's having the interview).

Nami Hoshino08

Where to get the video
It looks like this video is available only in DMM. Because this video was just released a couple weeks ago, it's not cheap (JPY 1,980 or 2,980 depending on the quality). You can see a free sample which is very short and not good quality.

Click here for free sample (click the gray button under the image on the left-top of the page).

All Japanese Pass and JAVModel also have her videos, but not the same video as this.
Click her for Nami Hoshino's page in All Japanese Pass (no free sample)
Click her for Nami Hoshino's page in JAVMODEL (you can see free samples, but very short)

All Japanese Pass and JAVMODEL offers much better pricing than DMM. But the quality of the picture is much better in DMM.

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