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The Hottest Porno Girl I've Seen This Year

Woooow! She is beautiful! Actually I was kind of shocked when I saw this video for the first time. She could be a good model even without being naked. I can't imagine how she decided to play in porno video.

Even though she is called "Mai" in this video, she is not given a screen-name as a porno actress. I couldn't find any information about her. She might be a "part time" porno actress.


She doesn't have big boobs, but her almond-shaped eyes, straight hair, and while silky skin all make such a beautiful girl. And she seems aggressive in sex for the first time before camera. Good news for you is she has well-shaved bush.

Anyway you can see her video for free in FC2. As always, it can be deleted before long. Click the picture below to see the free video. Please note this video is with mosaic pixelation.

AdultVideo : 目黒で見つけた超絶美形な20歳素人モデル

If you want to see the video in better quality, DMM provides a full and better quality version of it. It costs JPY 1,980 to download. Unfortunately I couldn't find it in English sites. If you have difficulty in dealing in Japanese texts, please contact me.

Go to DMM's free gallery and sample

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