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A High School Girl having sex in school uniform

I know not a few of those who visit this blog LOVE Japanese porno videos in high school situation. This girl is a high school student with a guy who pays money to her to have date and sex. They are in a hotel, and they have sex after chatting.


As you can see, she is a real cute, but I don't know her name. She may be a famous porno star as she looks so. Like yesterday's video, this girl is also on the top of my list I need to find out the name and the videos.

There are many high school kind of porno videos around and they are often boring. Girls look too young to be attractive. However, this is not that kind of video. It's simply because she is cute and I can see her love juice coming from her pussy when they are in normal position.

This video is available in FC2 for free. As videos in FC2 are always deleted quickly, you need to see it ASAP, if you are interested. Click the picture below. You can go to the tube site. The quality of the picture is not very good, but pretty normal level for free FC2 videos.

AdultVideo : 大当たり!な¥交JK

NOTE: it's illegal to have sex with high school girls in Japan, even if she is your serious girlfriend. Don't try to have sex with them in the real world unless you want to be on news paper!
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