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Yui Hatano - If My GF Was Yui Hatano...(Uncensored)

Look at this beautiful girl! Not only in photos, she's amazingly beautiful in her videos. Yui Hatano may be the most beautiful "uncensored Japanese porno star" among those active today.

Yui Hatano01

Until around 2000, there were huge gaps in models' qualities between "censored" and "uncensored" ones in Japanese porno market. Uncensored adult videos were always something underground - you could buy only under ground those videos of unnamed girls produced by underground labels.

It must be because of the spread of the internet that such double-standard was broken down. Since early 2000, hot uncensored-porno actresses has broken out in the market such as Ran Asakawa or Ai Nagase. This girl, Yui Hatano is a proof that "uncensored porno" babes doesn't mean ugly girls anymore, even though there is still slight gap if you look over all the porno market in Japan.

Yui Hatano03

About Yui Hatano
Birthday: May 24, 1988
Hometown: Kyoto(Japan)
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eyes Color: Blac
Height: 1.63 m (5 ft 4 in)
Weight: Unknown
Measurements: 88-59-85 cm (36-23-33 inc)
Debut: 2008

As it's said that Yui's face looks like Lin Chiling (a famous actress in Taiwan), in Taiwan Yui is named as "Lin Chiling in the JAV world". She has constantly released 20 to 30 censored videos and a few uncensored ones every year. While most Japanese porno babes come to their peak early in their careers, she has released more videos recent years than early in her career.

Even though she is extremely attractive, she seems a bit too clean and delicate for me. I get more excited with babes dirtier or wilder. Still I have some of her videos and I'm enjoying them. Imagine this beautiful lady sucks men's penis and eats balls.

Yui Hatano02

About this video
This video is based on a situation that Yui is your girl friend. And the entire movie is taken from men's angle. You'll not see the actor's face in this video. Which is good.

The video starts in that she meets her boyfriend in a park, having a sex toy under her panties. The boyfriend remotely control the toy in the park...

The main and the only highlight of the movie is the sex from the boyfriend's view. The cum running from her vagina is a good landscape.

This video is available in Caribbean.com. Please click here for more details.

Yui Hatano05

Yui Hatano04

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