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Amateur Girl (Censored)

Found an unnamed hot girl. Even though the title says "Amateur Girl", I pretty doubt she is. But As you can see, she is beautiful!

You can see a part (more than 60 minutes) of the video in FC2 for free. If you love big boobs, she might not be your type. If you are a love juice freak, this is a MUST SEE. When the guy runs his fingers between her legs, her pussy blows. You see milk white liquid dripping off the sofa.


The camera angle is good. The quality of the picture is not bad for free. But I would say she is a bit less good-looking when she moans than when she is receiving the interview.

As mentioned, FC2 provides this video for free, although not full.

If you like this video in better quality or want to see the full version, you can download it from DMM at JPY1,480 or 980, depending on the quality. If you click the picture below, you can go to the DMM site. You can see some screenshots there.

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