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Hitomi Oki - Unkown Free Video (Uncensored)

I'd like to introduce FC2 Video here. FC2 Video is a kind of Tube sites which deals in a wide range of videos from cartoon to porno. You don't have to sign in or pay to see up to 15 videos a day. If you want to see more, you need to pay JPY 1,000/month or JPY 6,000/year. Then you can see as many videos as you want. There are also videos you need to be a member to see (means pay JPY 1,000).


FC2 Video is being run in the US by an US company. So it OK for them to have no mosaic porno videos. Originally it provides the service in the Japanese market, but they slaunched multi-launguage service in English, French, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian, and Vietnamese. I don't know any Japanese adult tube site which do services in such many lanuguages, except for FC2 Movie.

There are more than 1000 videos uploaded to FC2 daily. However as there are so many videos illegally uploaded to FC2, most of the movies go away quickly. So most of movies you can see today may disapear tomorrow.
The first video I want to introduce from FC2 is Hitomi Oki's movie.

Hitomi Oki's data
Birtheay21 Jue, 1991
Height158cm (5'2")
Meaurements88E-58-86 cm  (34-22-33 in)
HometownIbaraki (Japan)

Because you can see the video for free, I wouldn't talk about this video in detail. As in the pictures, she is young and cute. And her skin looks very clean (actually I had't heard of her util I found this video FC2. This is more than 90 minute video. Which you can enjoy entierly for free!!!

Hitomi_Oki's video in FC2

If you want to see the video in higher image quality, you can download it from 1 pondo (but not free). Please click the banner below. Then you can access to her page in 1Pondo.tv.

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