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Nami Hoshino (星野ナミ) - Virgin Shrine - Premium (Censored)

Nami Hoshino debuted as an up-and-coming rookie in 2012. This is her first video. As you can see in the picture, she has a small cute face and curvy figure. Especially 90cm (35.4 in) boobs on 152cm (4.9ft) height body is a killer weapon.

Nami Hoshino01

Nami Hoshino's data
Birthday3 July, 1992
Height152cm (4'9")
Meaurements90G-59-90 cm  (35-23-35 in)
HometownEhime (Japan)

About this video
This video contains 4 sex sessions, and three of them are finished by Bukkake (cum on her face). So it's a pretty long video. As this is the first shot of her, she looks unused to having sex before the camera, which makes her response look natural. Her boobs are huge for her figure and height, but they are no doubt natural. You can see how soft they look.

Because her agency and video labels have been aggressively marketing her and her videos, and also because of her looks and boobs, she will be in top-ranked group in the industry before long. I guess that's why very few illegal copies of her videos are available on free tube sites.

Where to get the video
Because she has released mosaic'd videos only, not many English sites deal in her works. You can buy a soft copy of this video at good prices - JPY980(about US$10) or JPY1480(about US$15) for high image quality. DMM.com is one of the biggest video shopping site (not only for adult). However, they have closed English site. This is one of the worst things in Japan. Companies don't provide services in the global market. So you need to fight with Japanese texts if you buy this video in these prices. If you need any help to understand Japanese texts in DMM, please let me know. I'll give you the steps. Also, you can see a free sample in DMM. Please click here. The quality of the sample is not good though.

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Nami Hoshino's video

If you don't want to buy it in Japanese site, her video is also available in JAVMODEL where you need to sign up.

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