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Maria Ozawa - Drama Collection (Uncensored)

I'd like to start my reviews with this beautiful mixed girl, Maria Ozawa.
Maria Ozawa is one of very few Japanese porno stars who released uncensored movies as one of top JAV idols. She has Canadian farther and Japanese mother. Which makes perfect beauty on her look.


About Maria Ozawa
Birthday: January 8, 1986
Hometown: Hokkaido(Japan)
Hair Color: Shiny black
Eyes Color: Dark brown
Height: 1.62 m (5 ft 4 in)
Weight: 48 kg (110 lb; 7.6 st)
Measurements: 88-58-86 cm (36-23-34 inc)
Debut: 2005
Alias: Miyabi (used only outside Japan)


It didn't take long for her to join the top Japanese porno starts, since she debuted from a big label with great fanfare. She started her career as a "censored-only porno actress". In the peak of hear career, she played in a TV drama and appeared in some TV programs just as a TV character (Japanese TV doesn't show porno videos!).

However in 2008 (I remember), she made a great impact on Japanese men releasing uncensored movie. That could not have been her decision. She was still on the top of her career, and uncovering pussy of top porno starts was so unusual in Japanese porno industry. I still remember the moment when I saw her sexy pussy for the first time.

She released a range of uncensored videos after that (again, not sure if those were intended by Maria). This video is one of such uncensored videos. After she made her "uncensored debut", I haven't seen her on TV, and she resigned in 2010.


About this video
The video goes:
1. Masturbation in a pool.
2. Blow job
3. One session (fingering - squirting - blow job - sixty nine - insertion to come inside)
4. Blow job to clean up

This movie is available here. You can also download a short sample movie in there.

Hope you enjoy this model figured, with perfect looking girl.

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