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Kou Minefuji - Internal Cum into Super Sexy Body (Uncensored)

Here is another super hot babe - Kou Minefuji (aka Shihori Inamori, Miho Ashina). Beautiful face, neatly shaved bush, soft and white and big tits with silky skin... all these make her strikingly different to most of other porno stars in the uncensored field. I would count her in the top group of the "uncensored" porno actresses.

Unfortunately she left only a few videos without mosaic before she retired. There are more censored videos of her available in the market, but I couldn't find any English sites which deal them.

Kou Minefuji02

The structure of this video is very simple - the first part is blow & hand job and the second one is just normal sex. Typical uncensored video. No story or no concept or no differentiation. This is why I still like mosaic'd videos and recommend them to you. The uncensored videos always depend on the quality of models. Otherwise how hard (or kinky) they play.

Because of the quality of the model, I believe this video is worth time and money. Her perfect figure is one of the best and the boobs looks marshmallowy. And her erotic atmosphere is attractive. You'll agree with me if you see the scene where she cleaned up the guy's penis by her mouth after he came, or the love juice coming from her when she was on top of the guy.

Kou Minefuji05

[Sample Movies]
You can download her free videos, but the quality of the samples are low. Please click the picture below. You'll jump to the download site.
Kou Minefuji01

[Where to get this video]
Caribbean.com Premium offers soft copy of this video itself at $29. In Caribbean Premium you can download a free sample. No sign up needed.
Kou Minefuji03

Caribbean.com offers the video. If you want to see only this video, Caribbean Premium is what you are looking for.
Kou Minefuji04

OCreampies.com also offers the video. There you can see some screenshots.
Kou Minefuji07

Kou Minefuji06

Hope you like this video! Thanks!
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