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Yui Hatano - Sky High X-Collection #04 (Uncensored)

Here is another good one of Yui Hatano.

For her information, please see my previous post about her. I just read her blog, facebook page and her twitter. She sounds more funny character than she looks in her video. That's a good surprise. In her videos, she always looks serious and don't smile a lot - that's also one of her charms. In her blog posts and facebook page, she feels cheerful and funny. If you can read Japanese... You can find even her photo with no makeup on. She is HOT even without makeup!

Yui Hatano06

In this video you can enjoy her in KIMONO and high school uniform. For me she looks too old for high school uniform, though... Anyway it's great to see her doing masturbation in school uniform, and you can see her pussy getting wet as she runs her fingers and her toy on her pussy. You'll see white cream coming from there.

The KIMONO part is also good. Though they don't have sex in this part, Yui Hatano suck the guy's rocket with her KIMONO on (maybe your dream - getting sucked by a beautiful KIMONO girl??).

Yui Hatano07

I like the camera angle of this video. They did a good job. In the last session, the camera gets really close to the connection part, and you can see the guy's penis gets in her so closely and her moaning face on the same shot (hope you know what I mean). And the penis is getting wet or even covered by her white cream. The combination of her dirty pussy and beautiful face should make one of the best scenes you've ever seen in porno videos.

Yui Hatano08

[Free Smaple]
Short sample movies are available on All Japanese Pass. But the quality of the picture is no good. Please click the screenshot below. No sign-up needed. Just click the screen shots, and then downloading will start.


[Where to get this video]
This video is available on All Japanese Pass, 1pondo, JAVMODEL and Caribbean.com.

I've seen the one from Caribbean.com, and the quality is very good. If you don't want to sign up these sites, you can buy and download this video itself ($29) in Caribbean.com Premium. Caribbean.com Premium also offers a free sample video - a short digest version of this video. You can download it without signing up. Please click here.

Please note that the title of this movie is different by distributing site. I HATE the title of the video in Caribbean.com. This comes from the religion and the culture of Japan. Yet they should have considered that they sell the video outside Japan.

Anyway it's not her fault. Hope you enjoy the video or at least the free samples. Have a good day or night!!!

The video is available on the sites below.


Caribbean.com Preminum

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