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Karin Mizuno - Naughty Golf Lesson (Uncensored)

Sometimes we find great videos of unknown porno actresses. This video of Karin Mizuno is a good example. I know nothing about her. She is not on Wikipedia. No profile on the internet. No blog. No twitter. But look at the picture. She is HOT and looks so SWEET!!!

Karin Mizuno01

As mentioned, you won't find the information about her on the internet, and I guess most of you don't her name. So here are her features of her: slim figure, looks like around 25, anime-like voice (sound like around 15), heart-typed hair (good news for you, shed doesn't have hairy bush), dirty type (means liking having sex).

Karin Mizuno02

It seems like this cute girl has left only 5 or some videos, and probably not around the field anymore. This video is based on the situation that the guy in golf-shirts present a golf lesson TV program, and she is a new assistant of the program. After they took the program, this guy said that she doesn't know golfing. Then he offers golf lesson to her. After the silly interview (like "what's your measurements? What kind of guy do you like - she answered hunky guys, How many guys have you have slept with? etc), he started the lesson and asked her to gripe his dick instead of gold club. Then she starts to suck it and lick his anal and balls...

The second session is with a cherry boy (he said he was cherry in the second interview). She acts like a dirty girl and led him to having sex. Some of you might not like the last scene of the movie when she gets the gripe of golf club. Just in case feel uncomfortable about this, she is saying "This is good! Good! I'm coming!!" (I'm not sure if she really feels good with the gripe in her pussy). Anyway the guy does it softly though.

This video is available in Caribbean.com. There is no sample movie or gallery. So you need to sign up there to see the movie.

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Karin Mizuno03

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