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Karen Natsuhara - Reporter Getting Banged at Porn Filming (Uncensored)

Karen Natsuhara is a girl-next-door type of girl with impressive smiling face. While most popular porno stars walk as if they are celebrities, she is always sweet and smiling. And her curvy figure just drives me crazy.

Karen Natsuhara02

Look at the picture above. What a sexy curve! She is considered as not slim for Japanese (or maybe asian as well) porno babes. While many girls try to be slim sometimes even sickly, she looks healthily beautiful, always sparking smiles. She actually seems with good personality from how she talks and acts in her videos.

For those who don't understand Japanese language. Her role in this video is an announcer, and she goes reporting on a studio where they take porno videos. She has interviews with actors, but they start touching and kissing her... and she keeps reporting while getting fucked.

Karen Natsuhara04

It's because she is such sweet girl, I'm not sure if you like this video as it contains a part where she has her hands bound and gets gagged with a plastic ball in her mouth. I don't have a fetish for that. So basically I skip that part.

The rest of the movie is excellent. She laughs a lot. That makes me feel comforted and relaxed.

Karen Natsuhara05

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