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Yui Uehara - Cat Walk Poinson 79 (Uncensored)

Yui Uehara was talked about a lot on the internet as she looks like a famous actress (not porno) Yui Aaragaki. I don't think she is. No, not at all. Porno agencies always want and try to make actresses to look like famous actresses or celebrities, but never works that way. Anyway that doesn't mean she is ugly. She is a pretty young girl. Probably younger than any girls in my blog posts for now. For those living out of Asia, she could look like even a high school student.

Yui Uehara02

I have to be honest with you. She looks a bit better in photos than in videos. That's still acceptable. She is more pretty than the average in the uncensored video field. If you like to see a pure innocent lady fucked and getting cumshots in the mouth, I bet you love this video (note: I'm not talking about girls under 18!!!).

Yui Uehara04

This video is the first uncensored for her. That made a quite big impact on JAV (Japanese Adult Video) fans here. The interview in the beginning of the video is interesting.

The interview says "This is your first video to be distributed for abroad. Means you uncover the area... What do you think?"
She goes "I feel embarrassed", laughing.
"Also, this is the first time you get internal cum. Have you ever done it before?" says the interviewer.
"Well, I guess I've not. I've never had the chance. My heart is pounding...", she answered.

It's first time for me to see actors or actresses talk whether the video they are playing is mosaic'd or not. Otherwise it's just because I always skip interviews!

The good thing about this video is the camera is always close to her overall (sometimes to the actor's hole, though). You can see her silky skin. The highlight is the second session. Her white juice spills out when a guy ran his fingers in her pussy. Then she has threesome sessions, and finally got their seeds in her.

Yui Uehara05

She looks feeling tense in the video, and that makes her look even younger and fresh. I you are tired of dirty-girl plays, you'll like her.

This movie is available in Caribbean.com Premium as a package (means you don't have to sign in) and Caribbean.com. In Caribbean.com Premium you can download a free sample movie or see free gallery of the screenshots. Why not check it out!

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She is also working in an escort service agency. Please see my post about Rola Takizawa for what I mean "escort agency" here. I don't how much, but it must be stupidly expensive. Giving blow job or letting lick pussy is never worth hundreds US dollars whoever it is. That's wrong.
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