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Miyuki Yokoyama - Temptation In Public (Censored)

Too slim for you? But Miyuki Yokoyama absolutely should be sorted in the top-level porno stars today in Japan. Basically I like girls with big tits (but not fat!), and her tits are a bit too small for my taste.

However she is still my favorite porno actress, simply because of her looks and play. Normally good looking porno actresses don't play hard sex. They show just having sex, mostly making us bored. I wouldn't say Miyuki's play is very hardcore, but it's still pretty attractive.

Miyuki Yokoyama01

She's been around since 2008. Although in recent years she has not released as many videos as before, her career is quite long for porno actress. I've seen her on TV a few times before. The appearance on TV is a good proof for porno actresses to be top-ranked. Maybe less than 0.1% of them have the chance.

The concept of this video is having sex in public. Miyuki has sessions in school, in a hospita, in a kitchen where someone is in the living room, etc. Of course they were not taken in the real world! She is soooo CUTE in her school uniform.

Miyuki Yokoyama03
This photo is not from the video.

The highlight of the video is when they have sex in a IZAKYA (Japanese style pub or restaurant). Miyuki stars to make love with a guy. This session is taken by handheld camera this guy has. So this busy guy takes movie and has sex on the same time. They make love in a corner of the room in the IZAKAYA. It looks like it's a real IZAKAYA and it's really in business.

We hear news every year that porno actresses and staff are arrested for having sex or being in naked in public, in the roof of buildings, in car, or in McDonalds. Anyway they make love in a corner of IZAKAYA which seems real, and then move to the toilet to have sex. Then back to the room again to have sex until the guy comes on her stomach. Because of the reality and this beautiful girl being so dirty, the sessions in Izakaya are very exciting and make the video worth the money and the time.

Don't believe that people here make love in IZAKAYA!!! The fact is most people even hesitate to kiss before people.

Miyuki Yokoyama02
This photo is not from the video.

This video is available in All Japanese Pass and JAVMODEL. In All Japanese Pass, the video is divided into five parts. Please click the links below.
Part1 (in school)
Part2(in school)
Part3 (in IZAKAYA)
Part4 (in kitchen)
Part5 (in hospital)


In JAVMODEL you can see the entire movie. The title is "Let's Play Quietly Secret Fuck". Please click here.

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