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Mai Uzuki - Sasuke Premium Vol.10 (Uncensored)

I don't know much about her, as I've seen only one video of her. As you see her in the pictures below, she is a quite hot girl with 95cm (inch) bust. Mai Uzuki used to be a photo model (no nude), and converted to porno in 2009. I wouldn't be surprised, as hunderds of photo models converted to porn.

Mai Uzuki09

I searched for her pics on the internet, before I started to write this post. She seems to be better looking in the video than in photos. That is rare as there are so many baits of good pictures to have us buy porno videos. She is from Kyoto. It's said that women in Kyoto is beautiful (we call it Kyo-beauty). She has a typical face as Kyo-beauty - light and soft skinned and with a round face.

Mai Uzuki01

In the video, you can see her in KIMONO (Japanese traditional dress. And, yes it's really beautiful on her. However, I much doubt her tits are natural. Too good figure. Anyway that won't be a good reason to skip this video. She is still much more attractive than average uncensored porno actresses.

Mai Uzuki07

This video has two sex sessions. I guess you prefer to the second one as she gets fucked with her KIMONO on, and you can see her pussy get foamy by her pussy juice. She has a characteristic look when she moans. She looks smiling all times while having sex. A bit funny...

Looks like this video is not available on many video distributing sites. Caribbean.com and 1pondo (these are the two biggest sites which offer Japanese uncensored porno) don't have any of her videos, while they sell a bunch of videos of ugly girls. That's no good. I would ask them not to bury good videos or good actresses in ugly ones.

JAVMODEL is one which offer this video. As always in my posts the movie is not free. You need to sign up there ($29.95 per month as of today). Please click the banner to jump to the page of this video in JAVMODEL.


Enjoy this KIMONO beauty!!!
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