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Akari Hoshino - SASUKE JAM Vol.4 (Uncensored)

Not sure if you've heard of her name, as she is not as famous as other babes I've wrote about in this blog. Akari Hoshino is positioned as a sort of aggressive and MILF(sometimes) girl. Even though her profile says she is 27 now, she looks too sexy for 27. Maybe that's one of the reasons she couldn't be popular - looks (or actually) too old.

Akari Hoshino02

You can find good screen shots of this video on this site. As you can see, she is a hot girl with white & big tits and slender-waist. If you like Yayoi Yanagida or Ran Asakawa, Akari might be your type. She is different to the stereotyped image that most of the world have about Japanese girls - always smiling and being submissive. Akari Hoshino is sexually aggressive toward guys in her videos. She asks guys to let her suck their dicks and to look into her opened pussy. This is the typical role she plays.

Akari Hoshino01

The video starts when she found her brother is jacking off. She teases her brother, kissing his tongue, putting his hands on her tits, sucking...what a story! It's good to see his penis gets wet with her honey as he put it in and out of her pussy. She feels real horny with her way to look and to have sex.

The video has another session of sex with another guy. I don't know who he is. Maybe their father? This session she turns to be passive, and enjoys to be teased and touched. She is perfectly attractive in both ways. But don't believe that many Japanese girls have sex like her! It's only in videos!

Akari Hoshino03
This is Akari's photo but not from this video.

This movie seems available in JAVMODEL. It is absolutely a must see. You can visit her video page in here or click the banner below, which leads you to the same page. There is no free sample there. You need to join the member to see the video.


Not this one, but her videos are also available in "Japan Hardcore Movies.com" as well. Click the banner below (not free).

If you like Asian girls because of their baby faces, she'll show you another taste of Japanese women. Enjoy!
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