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Yuma Asami - Beautiful Bra-less Teacher (Censored)

I wouldn't write details about her here, as you can read her article in Wikipedia even in English. Otherwise most of you guys have already heard of her. For those who have never, she is no doubt the most popular JAV (Japanese adult video) star in the "big-tits" category today. Like Sora Aoi, she also acts as a TV personality occasionally.

Yuma Asami17

Last March the media reported that Yuma Asami had been missing and out of contact. After being away from public for one month, she twitted she is not missing, but needs to be away for a while for recovery (could be under medical treatment). When she took part in a live event in April, people were surprised that she has become sickly skinny. Since then she's been rumored that she has a serious disease. I saw her recent picture on the internet, she looked totally different to what she used to be.

This movie was taken two yeas ago much before she got skinny. It has three parts, and Yuma plays different role for each - private teacher, sports instructor, and school teacher. Needless to say, she fucks her students. In all the parts she wears no bra, and she teases her students, pushing her big tits on them or asking them to wipe sweat on her tits, etc. Then she goes "You've got hard, haven't you? Let me ease it". Stupid stories as always in AVs.

Yuma Asami08
Note this is Yuma's image, but not from the video I'm writing about.

So the video has three sessions of sex. That is good. All the time she lets guys enjoy her tits. That is exciting. This movie is available only in "All Japanese Pass" other than Japanese web sites. You can see the screen shots in there (please click here). Her videos are also available in Idols69.com, but Idols69 doesn't have this movie. As always, they are not free.

Yuma Asami04
Note this is Yuma's image, but not from the video I'm writing about.

By the way one of her videos was leaked without pixelation sometime ago, which maybe the biggest news in the industry this year. It's not sold in the market, but on some servers which provide streaming videos. I've seen it, but the picture of the movie is too bad. It looks like the entire video is pixelated. You'll get frustrated as so did I. I don't think it's worth time to try to find.

It must be better to enjoy the video introduced here!
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