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Satomi Suzuki - She Got Soooo Wet with Vibrator (Uncensored)

She might not be the best looking for you. Speaking of the looking, I'd say I prefer to some other pornstars introduced here like Yui Hatano, Rion Hatsumi or Yuna Shiina. But I picked up this video because she gets so wet in the video and it totally looks naturally. I'm very attracted by that.


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Unknown - A Cute School Girl Penetrated in Her School Uniform

It might be hard to tell if she is cute or not from the pictures here. But she is a cute (and HAIRY) school girl. I don't know who she is (sorry as always), but she must be a porn actress.


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Anri Okita - Super Busty Girl Suck Dicks Hungrily (Censored)

This busty girl made her debut in 2011 with an advertising copy "the most powerful body in human history" - a copy even a high school boy can think of. It was said that she insured her body for US$ 1 million.


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Maomi Nagasawa - She Is The Next Squirting Queen (Uncensored)

In the Japanese prono industry, there is always a porn actress called "the squirting queen". No one will disagree that Hotaru Akane is the most successful pornstar in that category.


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Private Filming (?) - Enjoy Real Responses of The Real Amateur Girl (Uncensored)

This is a free uncensored video from FC2. This video looks to be taken by hand-held camera by an amateur shooter. The way this guy films is totally unprofessional. This girl doesn't look like a professional porn actress either.

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Aino Kishi - Fuck within 4 seconds of a meeting (Censored)

This is a series video called "Fuck within ...seconds of a meeting"(the official translated title could be different). The concept of the series is the porn actresses get penetrated within some seconds after they meet guys, and the girls are not told about the concept beforehand.

The girls know that they are going to shoot porn videos (they are in studio), but they don't know the concept and get fucked before they get ready. So that you can enjoy to seeing how those girls, who were confused or surprised first, apply themselves for fucking.


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Hikaru Shiina - A Short Hair Girl with Perfect Tits (Uncensored)

Look at her tits! What a beautiful and pink nipples!!! This girl, Hikaru Shiina is one of very few pornstars who look better in videos than in photos (Never mind if you feel she is hot even in the photos). And she is so sweet and cute in her short hair.


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Unknown - A Horny Couple Having Sex in A Ruined Building (Censored)

A young guy became impatient for sex during a date with his cute girl friend. He asked her to suck his dick in a ruined building to ease his sexual frustration, but that made them horny. And somehow there is a bed in the building...


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Rola Misaki (Takizawa) - Rola Vamping Young Guys (Censored)

The second post about Rola Misaki's video. Please refer to the first one if you haven't read it.

If I'm asked, I would pick up Rola as the best looking pornstar in Japan (that sometimes doesn't mean most attractive or sexiest). She is a half-Russian and half-Japanese girl, born in Tokyo. Since the emergence of Maria Ozawa or Rio, Japanese Porn scene has been in the "half-Japanese" vogue. Today being half-Japanese is a free ticket to be top-ranked pornstar.


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Akane Matsushita - Young Innocent Girl? No, She Is A Hot MILF (Censored)

I believe most of you've never heard of this girl, Akane Matsushita. She made a contract to perform in only one adult video, and did so late last year. So this is the first and the last work of her.


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Rena Ayaki - No Mosaic Debut Vol.6

As in the title, this is the first uncensored video of Rena Ayaki. Actually I couldn't find any censored videos of her. I can't find her profile either. There is no wikipedia page of her.

Rena Ayaki is a 20 year old girl with beautiful nipples and tits. In the interview of the video, she says that she likes her nipples. She says she is 20 years old, but I'm pretty confident that she is more than 25. That's fine. Every porngirl lies about their age. And 20 year old girl can't be that sexy.

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Ameri Ichinose - Uncensored Video of Half Western Half Japanese Looking Girl

If you love Maria Ozawa or Rola Takizawa (Misaki), you'll like Ameri Ichinose as well. She looks like a half Western, but it's said she is a pure Japanese. She should be one of the best looking pornstars whose pussy you can see without mosaic. I believe her boobs are enhanced, but that's fine. Besides that she still have beautiful figure and attractive nipples.


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Akina - A Young Private Teacher Has Sex, Swinging Her Hari (Censored)

I had never heard of her until I found this video. Her name is Akina. She is not around in the industry any longer. As I checked on the web, she wasn't nameless pornstar, but not on stardom. I felt the potential of Japan (I mean, only regarding the porno industry), when I saw this video. How can this pretty girl stay not so popular?

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A Sexy & Beautiful MILF Having An Affair (Censored)

This video has two parts, one actress for each one. The both look around thirty. Unfortunately I don't know their names. Especially I want to know the first one. She is hot and has good figure, even though I bet her boobs are not real. I know some guys don't like it, but I don't care.


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Rina Shinjou - A Masterpiece of Housewife Video from Early 2000

This is an old porn video. I guess it's produced in early 2000's. Her name is Rina Shinjou. She was not very famous or didn't leave many videos, but some people still name her as the best housewife-type pornstar.


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Good News - the Best Pricing Japanese Adult Video Site (?)

Let me introduce an JAV distribution site which offers better pricing than any sites I've introduced in my blog. What's good about this site is they have pages in English and Korean, and offers both censored and uncensored videos. The number of censored videos is not a lot, but they still offers videos of top-ranked pornstars who never play in uncensored videos, such as Kaho Kasumi or Nami Hoshino.

The site is called ITTEL. It offers US$24.80 per month to let you download any videos with no limitation.

Please click this link below to visit ITTEL.

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Mayuka Akimoto - She Has Beautiful Tits and Pussy (Uncensored)

Mayuka Akimoto, again. Please see my old post for the details about her.

Her feminine sensual body makes me horny. Her bush is well-shaved, a bit thick though. And the tits are well-formed and beautiful.


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Free Video of A Beautiful Girl, But Nameless (Uncensored)

She is beautiful, isn't she? I don't know her name. No clue. I saw some people asking who she is on online bulletins, but no luck yet. Seems like it's hard to find her name, but let me try. I'll let you know here once I find it.

She is no doubt good looking and she gets wet well, but there are a couple of negative parts about her. First she is hairy, and secondly she is too slim. Japanese girls are slim overall, but I can say she is much slimmer than average.

Free Video of A Beautiful Japanese Girl in FC2
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What A Squirting! A Super Horny MILF, Akari Asagiri (Uncensored)

If you like young and cute Japanese girls, it might be better to skip this post. Because she has not made public her age, I don't know how old she is. But she looks at least over 30, or likely over 35.

Her name is Akari Asagiri. She is famous for often playing a very dirty and horny girl, as she looks. This video is a typical type of her video - she cums her white love juice, squirts, licks guy's ass hole, and sucks guys' penises as if she would do forever. If you like dirty girls or MILFs, this video is a must see.

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Sana Anju - No-mosaic'd Video of a Cute Young Teen Girl (Uncensored)

A uncensored fee video of a lolita-looking girl. Even though she looks like low-teen, she has well grown boobs on her petite 150cm body.


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Private Filming (?) A Cute School Girl Having Sex in School Uniform

A cute school girl has sex in a high school uniform. Actually I don't know her name. So finding her name is in my To-Do list.

As you can see, she is very young and cute. The camera angle is also good. It's a 19 minute free video. Just play the video below. Then you can enjoy the video. Hope you like it!

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Yuri Konishi - A Cute Girl Wets Her Panties By Adult Toy (Uncensored)

An uncensored video of another "looks tasty" girl. The original title of this video is "Caribbean Cutie vol.26". Caribbean Cutie is a series that Caribbean.com selects the cutest girls in the no-mosaic field whether they are famous or not. So this girl, Yuri Konishi is one of the selected girl.


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Found the name: Model like looking girl in apron having sex in the kitchen (Uncensored)

Other day I introduced a free movie in my post which title is "Model like looking girl in apron having sex in the kitchen (Uncensored)".

Her name is Shiori Ayase. Seems like she is not around any longer. The quality of the picture in that free video was very bad, but you can see the full version in better quality (not free, though).


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Misuzu Tachibana - A Beautiful Girl to Help Cherry Boys for "graduation" (Censored)

I want to introduce a good free video. Her name is Misuzu Tachibana. I just encountered this video, and hadn't heard of her name until then.

I need to say she is "slightly" more beautiful in the video package than in the video. In other words, she looks more natural in the video. The image in DMM site below looks too unnaturally.

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Nami Hoshino - Sorry for being too horney... (Censored)

The second post of my favorite girl, Nami Hoshino. Her charm is its natural round boobs and beautiful face. The video I want to introduce is with mosaic. She's never played in uncensored videos. But I would say this is a "must see" one. It's hard to find a porno girl in the uncensored field who has better looking + more attractive body than her.

Nami Hoshino09

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