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Yui Uehara - Cat Walk Poinson 79 (Uncensored)

Yui Uehara was talked about a lot on the internet as she looks like a famous actress (not porno) Yui Aaragaki. I don't think she is. No, not at all. Porno agencies always want and try to make actresses to look like famous actresses or celebrities, but never works that way. Anyway that doesn't mean she is ugly. She is a pretty young girl. Probably younger than any girls in my blog posts for now. For those living out of Asia, she could look like even a high school student.

Yui Uehara02
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Miyuki Yokoyama - Temptation In Public (Censored)

Too slim for you? But Miyuki Yokoyama absolutely should be sorted in the top-level porno stars today in Japan. Basically I like girls with big tits (but not fat!), and her tits are a bit too small for my taste.

However she is still my favorite porno actress, simply because of her looks and play. Normally good looking porno actresses don't play hard sex. They show just having sex, mostly making us bored. I wouldn't say Miyuki's play is very hardcore, but it's still pretty attractive.

Miyuki Yokoyama01
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Akari Hoshino - SASUKE JAM Vol.4 (Uncensored)

Not sure if you've heard of her name, as she is not as famous as other babes I've wrote about in this blog. Akari Hoshino is positioned as a sort of aggressive and MILF(sometimes) girl. Even though her profile says she is 27 now, she looks too sexy for 27. Maybe that's one of the reasons she couldn't be popular - looks (or actually) too old.

Akari Hoshino02
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Yuma Asami - Beautiful Bra-less Teacher (Censored)

I wouldn't write details about her here, as you can read her article in Wikipedia even in English. Otherwise most of you guys have already heard of her. For those who have never, she is no doubt the most popular JAV (Japanese adult video) star in the "big-tits" category today. Like Sora Aoi, she also acts as a TV personality occasionally.

Yuma Asami17

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Anna Miyashita - Maid's Sex Service All Day and Night (Uncensored)

Anna Miyashita is also a porno star in the past, and only a few of her videos available on the internet, even on illegal download or tube sites.

She was around from 2003 - 2004. She was one of the leading porno stars in the uncensored field who helped the growth of the uncensored video market. The main reason why many JAV(Japanese adult videos) fans still remember her is that she played in good-quality (good quality in composition, plot and camera angle) videos. She is remembered with the titles of the videos she played in, like "Hentai Nurse(変態ナース) and the video written below. That is very rare, as people remember porno stars names, but never the titles of their works.

Anna Miyashita01

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Rion Hatsumi - Let's Do It At School! (Censored)

Even though hundreds of porno actresses come to and left the industry every year, Rion Hatsumi is still in the memory of lots of JAV (Japanese adult video) fans, in spite of her short career. She was around only for four months and left only five videos.

Rion Hatsumi
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Overview of the Japanese Porno

It should time to write about the overview of Japanese Porno Videos for those not familar with it. As I'm not from the industry, I can write only from user's perspective.
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Rola Takizawa - 2 Days, 1 Night, Beautiful Young Lady (Censored)

Can you imagine this beautiful girl gives you a blow job in your home? You may not believe me, but you actually can get it...if you come to Tokyo and pay $1200 for 90 minutes
(and you can luckily book her). There are "kind of escort service" in Japan, called Deri-heru (delivery health). They call it "health", because they give you "sexual" massage, even though some of the girls spread sexual disease! Deri-heru agencies send girls to your home or hotel, and they give you sexual service, kissing you, licking you, sucking your penis, eating your balls and anal, but no real sex.

One of the famous agencies has hired this girl - Rola Takizawa. So it's true that she could come to your room to kiss you and your penis. However, if you really think of calling her, please make sure if the agency accepts foreigners.

Rola Takizawa
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Ran Asakawa - Japanese Av Idol Ran Asakawa Toys Fun In A Van (Uncensored)

Although she left the field years ago, Ran Asakawa(朝河蘭) is still top-ranked in my favorite porno star list. Shining black hair, dark black eyes, well shaped tits on the slender body... all these make this truly Asian smoking hot girl.

Started her career in 2001. The emergence of Ran Asakawa was sensational among porno fans in Japan. As mentioned in the article "Yui Hatano - If My GF Was Yui Hatano...(Uncensored)", it was unusual to see not-ugly girls in the uncensored porno videos back then in Japan. But after Ran came out, many hot babes followed her and have come to the uncensored field.

Ran Asakawa01
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Sora Aoi - Sora is the Young Married Lady Next Door (Censored)

Along with Maria Ozawa, Sora Aoi is the most popular Japanese porno star outside Japan. She's got exposure in the media more than any other porno babes. Because of her activities as a TV personality, she doesn't release as many videos as before. But she's been around in the porno filed for more than 11 years. Which is extremely long, while most babes stay only for one or few years.

Sora Aoi02
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Yayoi Yanagida - MILF Anal Fuck Curiosity (Uncensored)

For those who don't know what the title means...MILF is "mother I'd like to fuck". Which mean sexy matured women you want to penetrate. If you are a big fan of MILF, Japan is the place you should move to. Book your air ticket and visit Tokyo. You'll see beautiful women with their kids on every corner. You'll have no idea how old they are. Actually, me neither.

Yayoi Yanagida01
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Yui Hatano - If My GF Was Yui Hatano...(Uncensored)

Look at this beautiful girl! Not only in photos, she's amazingly beautiful in her videos. Yui Hatano may be the most beautiful "uncensored Japanese porno star" among those active today.

Yui Hatano01

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Maria Ozawa - Drama Collection (Uncensored)

I'd like to start my reviews with this beautiful mixed girl, Maria Ozawa.
Maria Ozawa is one of very few Japanese porno stars who released uncensored movies as one of top JAV idols. She has Canadian farther and Japanese mother. Which makes perfect beauty on her look.


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Hi I'm Akira.

This blog introduces Japanese porno videos and JAV(Japanese adult video) idols to JAV fans in the globe - the highest-level porn in the world - I believe. Not like many porn sites or blogs, I'll introduce only JAVs with good quality.

You can find lots of English sites which deal Japanese porn. However, like any other sex industries in any countries, there are so many Japanese porn videos with extremely photoshopped pictures. It must be pretty tough to tell real-good ones from enormous number of ugly ones. I like to help you to enjoy those cute and refined babes.

I'm a Japanese guy living in Japan. Recently I found that there are few blogs about JAVs written by Japanese in Japan. At least I couldn't any even after spending a whole day with Google! Even though I'm not an expert of the porno industry here, I can take home-court advantages to share good information with you.

This is the first blog I've ever written in English. I'm more than happy if I can hear any comments or feedback from you.

Thank you for stopping by.

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