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Risa Tachibana - Real Twenty Girl with Big Boobs and Ass (Censored)

Her name is Risa Tachibana, who made her debut in early 2013 and left the industry 6 later. In the first video of her, she told that she had had a sex with only one guy before in her life. This is the second video of such innocent girl.


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Yuna Shiina - A Hot Housemaid Cleans Men's Entire Body

This is the second video of Yuna Shiina in this blog. Please check my previous post about her.
This video is a video with a (funny) story of a student who lives alone and has never had a sex in his life. His mother asked a company to send a housemaid to help him so that he can concentrate his study...


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Yume Katou - She Gets Wet as the Rocket Goes In and Out (Uncensored)

If you feel excited to see women get horny and wet, this video is a MUST SEE. Yume Katou seems to get wet easily when she feels excited. She is one of forgotten pornostars, who has retired for years. She used to be popular, but left only a couple of uncensored videos. I guess some of the readers of this blog have heard about AKB48. Yume Katou a bit looks like Haruna Kojima (Sorry if you are "Koji-Haru" fan).

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Riona Suzune - Please Enjoy Seeing This Pretty Sahved Girl Penetrated

Even though she looks a bit older in the video than in her pics, she is still a hot sexy girl. This girl, Riona Suzune has small but well-formed tits and round ass and shaved beautiful pussy. This is one of a few uncensored videos of her.

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Ayane Okura - Very High Quality Free Video of a Young Cute Girl (Uncensored)

Isn't she cute and sweet? Ayane Okura is a not-very-popular pornstar, who is said to look like one of AKB48 members, Tomomi Itano (if you've never heard of AKB48, please google it). You can see her video for FREE and it's NO MOSAIC'D.

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