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Tsubasa Aihara - This Gorgeous Girl Does Whatever You Ask Her to Do (Uncensored)

Look at this girl! She is extremely beautiful and sexy. And you can see uncensored videos of this beauty. Her name is Tsubasa Aihara. My favorite pornstar. Normally, good looking pornstars tend to show boring plays. However, she is a real horny girl. She squirts white love juice when guys run finger in her. Her body twitches when she comes. That happens many times in this video.


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Good News - the Best Pricing Japanese Adult Video Site (?)

Let me introduce an JAV distribution site which offers better pricing than any sites I've introduced in my blog. What's good about this site is they have pages in English and Korean, and offers both censored and uncensored videos. The number of censored videos is not a lot, but they still offers videos of top-ranked pornstars who never play in uncensored videos, such as Kaho Kasumi or Nami Hoshino.

The site is called ITTEL. It offers US$24.80 per month to let you download any videos with no limitation.

Please click this link below to visit ITTEL.

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Renewal Plan

Hello, I'm planning to renew this blog with new URL and new design. I'm still building a new site. As I'm amateur of the game, it'll take weeks or months. I don't know.

When I just started this blog, I wrote new posts everyday. But, now I spend more time for the web build, and can't post as many as before - hopefully a few post per week.

I'll let you know here, once I setup the new site.

Thank you
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Overview of the Japanese Porno

It should time to write about the overview of Japanese Porno Videos for those not familar with it. As I'm not from the industry, I can write only from user's perspective.
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Hi I'm Akira.

This blog introduces Japanese porno videos and JAV(Japanese adult video) idols to JAV fans in the globe - the highest-level porn in the world - I believe. Not like many porn sites or blogs, I'll introduce only JAVs with good quality.

You can find lots of English sites which deal Japanese porn. However, like any other sex industries in any countries, there are so many Japanese porn videos with extremely photoshopped pictures. It must be pretty tough to tell real-good ones from enormous number of ugly ones. I like to help you to enjoy those cute and refined babes.

I'm a Japanese guy living in Japan. Recently I found that there are few blogs about JAVs written by Japanese in Japan. At least I couldn't any even after spending a whole day with Google! Even though I'm not an expert of the porno industry here, I can take home-court advantages to share good information with you.

This is the first blog I've ever written in English. I'm more than happy if I can hear any comments or feedback from you.

Thank you for stopping by.

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