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Rola Misaki (Takizawa) - Rola Vamping Young Guys (Censored)

The second post about Rola Misaki's video. Please refer to the first one if you haven't read it.

If I'm asked, I would pick up Rola as the best looking pornstar in Japan (that sometimes doesn't mean most attractive or sexiest). She is a half-Russian and half-Japanese girl, born in Tokyo. Since the emergence of Maria Ozawa or Rio, Japanese Porn scene has been in the "half-Japanese" vogue. Today being half-Japanese is a free ticket to be top-ranked pornstar.


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Rola Takizawa - 2 Days, 1 Night, Beautiful Young Lady (Censored)

Can you imagine this beautiful girl gives you a blow job in your home? You may not believe me, but you actually can get it...if you come to Tokyo and pay $1200 for 90 minutes
(and you can luckily book her). There are "kind of escort service" in Japan, called Deri-heru (delivery health). They call it "health", because they give you "sexual" massage, even though some of the girls spread sexual disease! Deri-heru agencies send girls to your home or hotel, and they give you sexual service, kissing you, licking you, sucking your penis, eating your balls and anal, but no real sex.

One of the famous agencies has hired this girl - Rola Takizawa. So it's true that she could come to your room to kiss you and your penis. However, if you really think of calling her, please make sure if the agency accepts foreigners.

Rola Takizawa
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